Gravis Finance


Captains are NFT tokens of the first collection that go into space in search of asteroids. Captains possess stellar maps that allow them to mine the rarest resource in the universe, GRVS tokens. A total of 995 captains answered the call.
Captains come in three varieties, and each has a different story. The collection is limited and will not be reissued. After the first collection is released, other crew members (such as the First Mate) will be available, but they will not have the ability to mine GRVS tokens.
Throughout the game, Captains will progress through ranks by completing different missions. Captain tokens are distributed between three supported networks as follows:
Successfully migrated to BSC
  • 165 William Kidd tokens;
  • 115 Miura Kentaro tokens;
  • 65 Macharius tokens.
  • 350 William Kidd tokens;
  • 200 Miura Kentaro tokens;
  • 100 Macharius tokens.