Gravis Finance

Captain William Kidd

Talk about loving some good adventure… Captain Kidd was the son of a lowly farmer living a contented life in the city of Oinx. But his whole world changed at 18 when Scandavian raiders pillaged their city, leaving many dead. At that point, Kidd resolved to become a pirate and the greatest to ever walk the realms of space.
Over the past few years, Captain Kidd has risen from the backwater world as a space pirate and now holds some respect in the pirate world. He has always known that the makings of greatness are within him, but he has to take the helm and chart his own course. There’s not an adventure that he would refuse. And now, the authorities need his service to quell an uprising from Scandavian raiders. But first, he’ll need to stockpile resources by farming precious GRVX.
He can farm as many as 250 GRVS.