Gravis Finance


Scouting drones! They have no crew, they don’t necessarily expire after one flight, instead, they consume fuel. As a result of a scouting mission, a drone can bring back precious resources to its owner. For now, the concept of drone missions looks like this:
A number of players go in a scouting pool. A pool can be fast and small or large and lengthy.
After the pre-defined time for this pool, the results of a flight become available to all the participants.
Some of the drones unfortunately get lost in the process.
Some of them find nothing of value.
The rest of them find varying amounts of resources based on luck. The rewards are available for claim instantly after the flight is concluded.
The fuel can be bought for GRVX tokens on a special page. Later we will add more uses to it.
The chances to not lose a drone or get higher rewards can be altered by the drone’s level or by staking Gravis Finance LP tokens — each LP giving a different bonus.
The initial drones can be bought from special loot boxes or can be acquired as a reward for a special kind of scavenging mission.
The drone’s level can be increased by spending resources.
The more interesting pools will be available for the higher-level drones only.