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Star Fort

These vessels cannot be called ships, they are rather autonomous orbital stations that can mine GRVX from small planets devoid of life. From the moment of their creation, there have been debates about pros and cons of this ship class. The supporters claim a great economic boost but the opponents say that these ships are disruptive to the star system’s ecology because they can alter the gravity force balances after harvesting a large part of a planet’s mass. In spite of this argument, mining corporations continue to employ this ship class. Void shields encase it in a protective bubble while a small fleet of defense ships gets rid of the threat.
This ship can be obtained with a low chance from the legendary loot box and with a smaller chance from the epic loot box. It also can be assembled from 3 Flying Refineries, and this process is not a certainty.
Default mining power for this ship type is 330000 GRVX in 168 hours.