Gravis Finance

What is a GRVX token?

GRVX is a token with unlimited supply with a starting price set at $0.001 and with huge growth potential. The GRVX token will be used to generate income from farming and to reward our fellow gamers. Also, it could be used to buy the loot boxes at a later stage, when enough GRVX is mined and is in free circulation. More than that, piles of GRVX will be offered as a trophy to the Clan Wars winners. GRVX will have many more uses both in Evervoid and in our other projects like Gravis Farming, Gravis Autofarming, Planck Hub cross-chain Bridge, liquidity migration, and so on. It will be tradable for any other asset on our DEX with enough liquidity in the pair provided by us from the loot box sales and other income sources.