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Farming allows Gravis's users to receive rewards in Gravis's native token - GRVX. Lock your LP tokens for the lock period to get Gravis's hot tokens. Please read more on the GRVX token here.
  1. 1.
    Go to the Farms page here.
  2. 2.
    Select your language and the network.
3. Select or type the name of the token you need in the Search field.
4. You can filter tokens by All, Core, and Hot. GRVX-BUSD and GRVX-WBNB are pinned to the top of the list and marked as Hot in the sorting.
5. It's also possible to sort pools by Name, APR, Liquidity, Earned, Multiplier.
6. Click on the FARM button related to the Pool you want to join.
7. Click the Approve LP button and approve the transaction in your wallet to enable the transfer of the selected LPs from your wallet. You only need to Approve a specific pool once. Then you can farm this pool as long as you like.
8 a. If you want to stake more tokens, you can immediately add liquidity by clicking the Get LP Tokens button. It's the same as filling up via the Pool tab.
b. If you want to migrate your liquidity from another DEX please click the Migrate Liquidity button and follow the instructions in this article: Migrate.
9. You can now enter the amount of LP tokens you want to farm with or click MAX to use all of your available LPs.
10. The Approve button has been changed to the Add button. Click it once ready to add LPs to your farm. Approve the transaction in your wallet.
11. After successfully joining a pool you will see the amount you earned in that pool
12. You can also switch to the My Farms tab to see all the pools you have joined
13. You can manage each of the pools you have joined by clicking the Manage button
a. In the Manage Pool modal window, you can add more LP tokens to the farming pool by clicking the Add button
b. You can unstake LP tokens by clicking the Unstake button and choosing the amount of LPs you want to unstake. Use unstake option after the lock period. You receive your LPs back + GRVX earned
c. You can harvest the reward for this pool by clicking the Harvest button.
14. You can harvest rewards from all the pools you have joined by clicking the Harvest All button
15. You can find archived pools on the Archive tab. You can no longer stake LPs in these pools, but you can harvest rewards and unstake your LPs from them.