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Take a look at Gswap's Analytics page here to get the latest statistics on our top tokens and pairs, liquidity, and transactions.


Select your language and the chain you are interested in:
You will see the general info about the network: price for its native token, the number of transactions, number of pairs, and fees received within 24 hours in US dollars. Below there are two statistical charts:
1) The Liquidity chart represents the info on the liquidity of all token pairs in this network available on Gswap DEX as expressed in the US dollar.
2) The Volume chart represents the volume of all trades within Gswap DEX.
You can zoom in with your mouse wheel to review the chart information by day. To set the chart back to the default monthly view, click on the 'Play' button or zoom out:
Use the search field to find the pairs or tokens you need:

Top Tokens

This table displays the top tokens traded on Gswap Exchange.
Sort tokens by Name/Symbol, Liquidity, Volume (within 24 hours), by current token price, and the price change within 24 hours.
Click on the token name to go to the token details:
You can Add Liquidity or Trade this token by clicking on the corresponding buttons:
You will see the current price for this token. The chart tabs provide info on the token's liquidity, volume, and pricing. You can review the daily, hourly, weekly, monthly or all-time chart views.
Save your selected token (or token pair) to Favorites by clicking on the Plus button to quickly access token info:
Review the top pairs with the current token in a separate table below:
A table of recent transactions with this token is available, too. Filter transactions by All, Swaps, Adds, Removes.

Top Pairs

Check out the Top pairs table to review the pair analytics:
Sort the table data by liquidity, 24-hour trading volume, volume (for 7 days), LP reward fees (within 24hrs), and increase in fees as a ratio to liquidity per year (in percent).
If you click on the pair URL, you will go to the pair details page:
You will see the current exchange rates for this pair in both directions. The chart tabs provide info on the pair's liquidity, volume, and transactions in both directions. You can review the weekly, monthly or all-time chart views.
Below is the table with transactions with the current token pair:
Filter recent transactions by All, Swaps, Adds, Removes. Order transactions by total value, amount of tokens (separately for each token), and the last transaction time.