Gravis Finance


Use the Pool tab to add liquidity to our Gswap DEX. In return, you will receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. These tokens automatically earn fees proportional to your share of the Pool and can be redeemed anytime.
To add liquidity and receive LP tokens, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Go to the Pool tab here.
  2. 2.
    Unlock your Wallet if not connected yet:
3. Click on the Add Liquidity button:
4. Select token A from the dropdown menu.
5. Select token B from the dropdown menu:
6. Enter the amount of token A you want to supply to the Pool or click MAX to supply all of your available tokens.
7. The amount of token B will be calculated automatically. You can also input the amount of token B, then token A will be recalculated respectively.
Below you will see the info on the rates and the share you'd receive in the Pool.
8. Click on the Supply button:
9. Please double-check the estimations in the details window. Note that if the price changes by more than 0.8%, your transaction will revert.
10. If everything's ok, click Confirm Supply:
11. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete it.
12. The info about tokens in your wallet will be updated and displayed in the Pool tab down below:
Your LP Tokens
13. Click the arrow Back button next to Add Liquidity.
14. You will see the list of all token pairs you've added to the Pool. Click on the arrow pointing down to expand the details for a specific pair.
15. Using the expanded view, it's possible to add more liquidity or remove liquidity by clicking on the Remove button.
16. By default, the Simple view will be displayed.
Inside the Simple view, use the round toggle to select the percentage or click on the available percentage options.
17. If you want to switch to the Detailed view, please click Detailed.
a. In the Detailed view, users can manually input the number of tokens they'd like to remove.
b. You can either input the number of LPs (the "From" field), or the amount of token A or token B in the "Output" fields. The other fields will be recalculated respectively.
c. You can input all of your available LPs by clicking on the "Balance" button.
18. Please note that the next steps are the same both for Simple, and Detailed views.
19. Click Approve. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet.
20. The Remove button is active now. Click Remove to remove liquidity.
21. Click Confirm inside the popup and confirm the transaction from your wallet.
21. Your tokens have been successfully removed. You will see the updated info on the tokens in your wallet down below.